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Samsung PN58A550S1FXZA power supply PSPF701801A BN44-00183A repair kit for TV clicking and failing to start

We offer a DIY repair kit for a common problem developing in Samsung PSPF701801A power supply and causing clicking

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Coppell TV Repair offers a repair kit for a problem developed in Samsung power supply board PSPF701801A  / LJ44-00183A as shown on the picture and used in Samsung PN58A550S1F and possibly other models within the PN58A550 series.

The failure is manifested by the TV failing to power on even though there is a standby power and responds to power command; TV may be producing a single or multiple series of clicks.

A more reliable indication that you need this particular repair kit would be a visibly burned component RTQ801S or RTQ802S located close to the two white relays on the left side of the board (see attached picture).

If neither of those components is visibly burned then there may be other problem with the board and you may need to use our repair or exachange service instead.

Important note 1: We do not guarantee that this kit is all that you need. It gives you the essentials which cover easily 90% of all cases, but the proper diagnose and coverage of the remaining 10% even when problem is properly diagnosed are your responsibility.

Important note 2: We offer this repair kit as well as a repair service and , subject to availability, boards for sale. The later two come with warranty while the kit is only covered up to the moment where you solder the components from it! If you want security check our online store and choose a repair service or a replacement board instead!

Coppell TV Repair SKU: CTVRL-NO-PB-0057

Kit contents

4 or more components, including RTQ801S and RTQ802S referenced above.

We recommend replacing all components included in the kits even if some of the ones on the board do not show signs of being bad.

All parts in the kit are brand new. We use the same kit in our own repair facility.

Difficulty level

Easy. Basic soldering skills and equipment (not included in the kit) are needed to perform this repair.

If you do not have soldering equipment you may be better off using a repair or exchange service.

About Coppell TV Repair LLC

Coppell TV Repair LLC specializes in LCD, LED and plasma TV repairs and we have fixed hundreds if not thousands of such boards - locally and through Internet.

See the reviews for our work and check our website and our blog there for some helpful information.

We can and will try to support your efforts within some reasonable limits, but we can not troubleshoot your board remotely nor can we spend the time to teach customers on individual basis how to troubleshoot.

If that does not sound right to you or if you doubt the quality of our product, services and advices please do not purchase from us!