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Bridge / resistor kit for IPM sustain output for 6871QYH953B - set of 3 pcs

A set of 3 components to replace the sustain output bridges/resistors as shown on the picture.

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Coppell TV Repair offers you a set of 3 bridge/resistor components used in the sustain output circuit of the IPM on the 6871QYH953B board as shown on the pictures.

The components shown on the picture are prefixed with a "B" letter.

This kit contains 3 components of the same kind that are pulled from damaged boards.

To the best of our knowledge those components do not wear out considerably and the only time we had to replace them was when they were physically damaged during IPM removal.

Components in the kit can replace any of the following labeled parts from the picture:

B16, B53, B52, B37, B2, B3, B4, B5, B9, B10, B27, B11, B12, B30, B16, B41, B40, B29, B20, B19, B18, B17, B15, B14, B13, B24

There are various versions of the 6871QYH053 board and it is possible that you may have one with different component labels.

It is fairly safe to assume you can use the same components on your board too, as long as they have the same location.

It is also normal for some boards to have some of those components missing by design.

Note there is no warranty and return on this product.